Tick Control- Tips on Killing Ticks

Image result for gross ticksTicks are dreadful, causes serious problem in pets, and spreads life-threatening disease. The pet can be anemic and if this problem is not treated in time, the pet can die as well. This is why a pet owner consider taking measures to prevent ticks on pets.

Killing ticks is not easy as it is very difficult to locate ticks with naked eyes. More than this even if you locate a tick in the fur of an animal by the time you reach to catch it, it will hide in the fur. It is a common problem with pet owners, therefore here are some tips, which will help one-kill ticks, and you can apply the same tips for dog tisk control as well.

Tips from “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” for killing ticks

Creating a Tick free zone

Make your home and garden a tick free zone. For this you need to do the following things:

– Keep all playing equipment away from bushes, shrubs and other vegetation

– Make sure that the garden and lawn is cleaned off from all left over dry leaves as these dry leaves remains make for a favorable condition for ticks to grow and reproduce.

– One more thing that you can do is surround your house and garden with gravel and put sand under the gravel. For this, you will have to dig some soil out surrounding the boundary of your house and then fill the space with sand and cover it by gravel.

– If you live in a countryside area where other animals may visit your garden or surrounding area, then you need to make extra effort in killing ticks. Deer carry ticks along with them so a create physical barrier around your home and garden to prevent them from coming.

– Once every season use a pest control service from a professional in your entire garden and house area.

Usually such pest control methods are very effective in killing ticks and the medicine will remain active for almost 6 months.

If you have any doubt regarding the effect of such pest control on pets as well as on humans then you should contact “National Pesticide Information Center”. They have all the required information about different types of pesticides and their effect on humans and animals. They will also suggest to you the possible precautions that you must take before and after pest control.

By following these methods ticks from surrounding areas will be prevented to an extent from entering your garden/lawn.

– Along with this, pet owners may also take suggestions from vets regarding protecting their respective pets and other ways of killing ticks.

– One must take their pets for regular checkups to the vet.

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